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What makes Terraflora® better than traditional probiotics?

Terraflora® is a better choice as a probiotic because the spore-based bacillus strains in our probiotic formula are heat resistant, shelf stable, and protected from harsh stomach acid. On the contrary, many Lactic acid based probiotic strains do not have that same inherent resiliency, typically require refrigeration, and often do not survive all the way through the digestive tract. Spore-based bacillus bacteria is naturally occurring in our environment, highly viable, and able to colonize in the gut where you need it most.

Terraflora® is also a Synbiotic, meaning in addition to the probiotic strains, Terraflora’s formula includes a prebiotic bio-complex of wild-harvested, certified organic, food-based ingredients. The paired prebiotics in Terraflora™ are designed to enrich a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria within the GI tract, which ensures successful proliferation of favorable microbes throughout the lower intestine.

And while there are other Bacillus-based probiotics on the market, Terraflora® is the only probiotic available that combines spore-based bacteria with prebiotics specifically designed to support and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut.

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