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What is a Clay Slurry?


In definition, clay slurries are an alternate method of preparing a traditional Magnetic Clay Bath.” Slurries are somewhat of a cross between a thin clay pack and a traditional clay bath, but provide a different detoxification effect than either of these two methods when used alone. A clay slurry involves packing clay on the body and then emerging into a warm bath.


Mix clay with warm water in a ratio that produces a mixture that is easily spreadable on the body (thick enough that it sticks). Use a non-metallic bowl and utensil when mixing. Apply 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick layer of clay over your body (arms, legs, torso).

Then enter a warm bath. As the clay disperses into the water, the same or maybe even better results may be realized versus adding all of the clay directly into the water.

It is worth noting, a fascinating occurrence has been observed by some when using clay slurries. After applying the slurry and immersing in the water, the clay has a tendency to adhere to certain areas. It stands to reason that this is a result of the strong ionic attraction between clay and many toxins. This event occurs rapidly with toxins that are close to the skin, and carries on with more lengthy exposure as the blood brings more toxins to the surface.

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