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Why is MSM so Beneficial for Athletes?

A Natural Sulfur for Joint Pain and Muscle Soreness

Pre-workout or post-workout, joint pain or muscle soreness, swelling and inflammation, fitness stressors are distractions for athletes that interrupt busy daily routines. MSM is a natural sulfur remedy for all the above. Methylsulfonylmethane supports connective tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons. MSM promotes blood flow to muscles that assists in the healing process and reduces painful muscle spasms. MSM also maximizes the benefits of exercise and fitness through inflammation relief and muscle recovery, sulfur playing a role in both collagen and keratin.

MSM Musculoskeletal Benefits

  1. Joint, Tendon, and Ligament Mobility and Elasticity
  2. Inflammation Reduction and Muscle Recovery
  3. Promotes Blood Flow to Muscles Stimulating Growth and Repair
  4. Reduces Painful Muscle Spasms and Contractions

In the same category, we are often asked about Glucosamine and Chondroitin. When compared to MSM, these molecules are much larger and more complex. MSM is a small, simple molecule that is essentially carbon-based organic sulfur, while Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both components of normal cartilage. Glucosamine is a substance found naturally in the fluid that surrounds your joints; Chondroitin is found in the cartilage around your joints. Both substances play a role in keeping your joints cushioned and lubricated. MSM is a sulfur compound that also provides additional inflammation reducing benefits.

The synergistic action of MSM with Glucosamine and Chondroitin has been demonstrated in human clinical trials. MSM may help mitigate inflammation and enhance cell permeability, allowing the body to make better use of these two important joint supporting compounds. Enviromedica® offers a Cartilage Collagen supplement that is also an excellent addition to any athletes regimen.

The Premier MSM Supplier Globally

All Ancient Minerals® Ultra products use MSM supplied by Bergstrom Nutrition. They are recognized as the highest quality MSM producer globally, and OptiMSM® is the purest and only GRAS-designated MSM produced in the United States.

OptiMSM® also bears the Informed-Choice designation. Informed-Choice is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition product suppliers and manufacturers. The program certifies that every batch of a supplement product or raw material that bears the Informed-Choice logo have been tested for banned substances by LGC’s sports anti-doping laboratory.

Additional information about MSM can be found in the article: What is MSM? Ancient Minerals® offers a full line of transdermal magnesium products with MSM including Magnesium Flakes Ultra, Magnesium Oil Ultra, Magnesium Lotion Ultra, Magnesium Gel Ultra, and Magnesium Lotion Goodnight with melatonin.

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