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Is topical magnesium beneficial for those with restless sleep and leg discomfort?

Magnesium in the body acts as a natural nerve calmer and muscle relaxant, among other things. Because of these qualities, those with restless sleep and leg discomfort often find a modicum of relief simply by boosting their magnesium levels whether via food or supplementation.

The benefit of applying magnesium topically is that it can have a more direct and immediate effect to the area in which it is applied – which is obviously incredibly helpful for those experiencing localized pain or discomfort. Our experience has been that initial use will require more frequent applications, tapering off once magnesium levels are sufficiently, and consistently, boosted.

Feedback from those experiencing restless sleep and leg discomfort has suggested that application of the magnesium immediately prior to sleep would be the most effective, as well as keeping it accessible on a nightstand should periodic use throughout the night be required.

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