"If you look to the Earth, there is an intelligence that is far beyond the understanding we could hope to come to in this lifetime or 500 lifetimes. This intelligence is built into us as humans, through evolutionary biology, and it is greater than us. Enviromedica embodies a respect for that intelligence." —Jared Ramirez, CEO

The Earth is changing faster than our bodies can adapt. Over time, our food has become less nutrient dense, and we as a people have become less connected with the natural world. In order to reconnect and regain what is missing from our soil and foods, it is necessary to find natural resources to replenish our bodies.

Founded in 2007, Enviromedica is dedicated to furthering the principles of evolutionary medicine, a new paradigm of healing that uses evolutionary theory to understand what drives the human body toward or away from health. Evolutionary medicine seeks to understand not how the body malfunctions, but why; to uncover the ways in which living in today’s modern environment is affecting our health.

Evolutionary theory tells us that, to truly understand how the body performs, we must understand the biology passed down to us from our ancestors. Our genetics are designed to be intimately connected with the Earth, its seasons, and its resources.

The company's primary belief is that in reconnecting with our natural environment, we thrive. In keeping with this mission, Enviromedica offers foundational support our bodies can easily recognize—the family of products reflect symbiotic combinations that occur in nature, utilizing only the purest ingredients that were once abundant in the ancestral environment, but are sorely lacking in the industrialized world.